Bring copyright back to its roots.
SOPA. ACTA. CISPA. The original intent of copyright was to let artists recoup their costs, then make their works open to the public. It's since been distorted beyond recognition, and it's time we fix that.

What do you get for contributing?
9 packages from 9 creators. Art, code, and music from award-winning games, all wrapped up here for you. Check out the previews & demos below! You may freely download any of these samples and use them under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

UPDATE March 26th:
Everything here is now dedicated to the public domain, under Creative Commons Zero.
Free downloads for everyone!

Spritesheets, scripts, & special effects from a Bomberman MMO.
Voted Best Web Game in the Mozilla Gameon contest.

50 Shapes of Yay
A pack of particle effects for Unity, with ~50 vector shapes.

Tilted Trees
Isometric tiles for a forest terrain.

Reimagine Soundtrack
The original, orchestral soundtrack from Reimagine :The Game:.
Voted Best Sound for the Mochi Awards.

Sprite Club
Animated sprites from multiple artists. Seen in The Juice Box, Vahiy, & Decayed of Zombies.

Music of Madness
Creepy music collection from multiple artists.
Heard in Bleed For Speed.

An assortment of 100 pixel art GUI icons.

Pixel Paintbrush
Photoshop brushes for making isometric pixel art.

EZ Animate
A Unity package for simple 2D Texture animation.

UPDATE March 26th:
The Gamedev Garage Sale has already met its goal, and all assets are now free to download. You're still welcome to donate, if you'd like!

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  3. @theprimozich, creator of Chronicles of Herenvale - $101.00
  4. @FamousAspect - $55.00
  5. @MegaReco - $50.00
  6. @omahdon - $50.00
  7. @igetgames - $25.00
  8. Pinkie Pie - $25.00
  9. Scotty Dawg - $25.00
  10. /u/CosmicJC - $25.00
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